Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Work Party and Potluck

On the weekend following Thanksgiving, several Commons members got together to do some work at our property, and then shared a delicious potluck meal. We gathered for the meal in our first common building--the shop.

A number of Commons members worked with a contractor over the summer to build our common shop. By Thanksgiving it was completely enclosed, although not yet insulated. Tom found a great wood-burning stove on craigslist, which provided warmth and cheer for our potluck and those working inside.

Our excellent wood stove

The space looked especially festive because Tom also put up some holiday lights.

Several people worked in the shop stringing electrical wire and installing electrical boxes. Special thanks to Asa, Tamara, Ben, Nathie, Arnold and Marilea, who won't be Commons residents, but who are friends and supporters. They participated in the work party and then joined us for dinner. We are so grateful for your help.

Arnold drilling holes for wire

Ben and Nathie sawing wood for the electrical project

Asa swinging a hammer

Bob and Arnold reviewing the wiring plan

Other people grubbed out blackberries near the parking lot in preparation for planting shrubs. Some of us who arrived later stayed after the meal to plant baby alders and willow stakes near the north end of the property. These trees will grow quickly in wet soil and begin to shade out the reed canary grass monoculture that has crowded out any other plant over a large part of the wetland.

We all made progress on the built and natural environment and enjoyed the time together. Plus, the food was delicious!

Nikos enjoying the shop's loft