Friday, July 29, 2011

New York Times Permaculture Article

Construction will start on the first four new homes in late August or early September. Those of us who will be occupying those homes are excited to finally live at the Commons and have daily interactions with the land and all the plants and creatures that we will be sharing it with, as well as with each other.

Several of us are interested in permaculture and will use many of its principles as we continue to discourage invasives and encourage the growth of diverse organisms, including us humans.

Urban Bee Company, a local beekeeper that placed and maintains a thriving hive in our Seattle backyard, posted a great NY Times article about the growing interest in permaculture philosophy and practice.

Speaking of hives, I plan to get some beekeeping training from Bob Redmond at Urban Bee Company so we can have a hive at the Commons. It will be fun to learn more about this ancient farming practice.